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Marina Antunes [DVD News 02.10.10] movie news dvd

A slow week for DVDs but one with a few notable selections. Perhaps one the most notable is the release (finally) of Nicolas Winding Refn’s Bronson (review, amazon), a look at Britain’s most famous (or infamous) inmate.

One of quietearth’s favourites of the year (number 2 on his list to be exact) is Erik Poppe’s Troubled Water (review, amazon) is also hitting the ground running this week.

On the relationship side of things, and with lots of time before Valentine’s Day, we’ve got Jay DiPietro’s Peter and Vandy (clips, amazon), a love story told out of order and starring Jason Ritter while those looking for something a little heftier, there’s Travis Betz’s Lo (review, amazon), a story of love, mystery and demons.

Killer parental units are also making a splash this week with the release of Nelson McCormick’s The Stepfather (amazon) starring teen heart throb Penn Badgley. To close things off and just in time for folks to see it before the big awards show, the Coen Brothers’ black comedy A Serious Man (trailer, amazon) is also out today.

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Lotus Eater (12 years ago) Reply

I liked it.

Good for him for telling them where to stick it.

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