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quietearth [Celluloid 02.09.10] movie trailer news horror action

Sexy, bloody, cheap effects, and lookin' mighty good.

Three gorgeous but deadly hired killers, Beretta, Blondie and Snowball, hole up in a small beachside community to keep a low profile. But this town has a dark secret. The local old sea baron, Joseph, tries desperately to warn them to never go into the water. But these crazy vixens listen to no one, especially no crazy assed old fool. So the Kraken awakes! Now, along with Joseph and his beautiful grand-daughter, Hannah, they must fight for their lives against this furious creature of the deep as the sea rises in a tidal wave of blood.

Trailer after the break. via Undead Backbrain which has lots of cool character posters and more.

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Avery (11 years ago) Reply

Ha! I knew you'd like this one. I can't wait to see it as it looks freakin awesome!


Lunovis (11 years ago) Reply

Woah! Straight from the trash bin!


wheatley_s (11 years ago) Reply

F@#$ YEAH!!!

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