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quietearth [Celluloid 02.04.10] movie trailer news comedy fantasy

Wow! This is exactly the kind of experimental diddy I love, just like Psychotropica. A Dog ruled world, a live action/animation blend, the bunnies girlfriend gets kidnapped by the Macaroni Gang? I'm so in.

Society is ruled over by a giant dog that is using the recent surge of monster attacks to try and convince his people to sign up for "optional" brain surgery. A self appointed "monster hunter" in a pink bunny suit (Brandon Slagle) is the only person brave enough to stand up to the creatures but soon runs into trouble when his girlfriend (Ruby LaRocca) is kidnapped by the Macaroni Gang. He goes on a warpath through the seedy underworld of The Dog's dystopian society while trying to fight hallucinations brought on talking worms living inside his large intestine. Dogshit blends live action and animation together to create a psychedelic nightmare world of doom and despair, and other awesome keywords.

Promo trailer after the break. via AITH

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in manner (12 years ago) Reply

Wow... they certainly got the title right... because that describes what I saw in the promo. Though, I think I may have seen actual, real live piles of dog sh*t with more redeeming values... and better acting.


muthathefuck (12 years ago) Reply

You seem to be a true master of all that is film. I hope to someday bow at your majesty and kiss your boots.

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