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Marina Antunes [Film Festival 02.03.10] Netherlands trailer news drama

Looking though the list of films playing at Rotterdam, a few caught my attention but few as much as Dutch director Mark de Cloe’s second full length feature Shocking Blue, a coming of age tale tinged with both romance and death.

It’s the story of three 16 year old boys, Willem, Jacques and Chris, who live in the Dutch countryside and spend their days on the tulip fields. The summer is in full swing and Jacques has even met a girl but tragedy strikes and Jacques ends up dead after being pulled under a tractor being driven by Willem. The film shifts from your typical coming-of-age tale to one of mourning and self reflection as Willem wonders if perhaps Jacques death wasn’t completely accidental.

The trailer for the film isn’t exactly spectacular but it does feature some gorgeous cinematography and I’m curious enough about where the story goes to check it out. I expect we’ll be seeing it around the festival circuit throughout the year.

Trailer after the break.

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