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quietearth [Cathode Ray Mission 02.03.10] Tuvalu United Kingdom post apocalyptic trailer news

I got details for this one!

Tom and Greg are enslaved alongside dozens of others in Mr Smithson's coal mine. Elsewhere, the Family are desperately tracking Billy, their only lead, across the country. At a roadside motel Billy stops to meet his girlfriend Sally and when the Family confront him, Billy claims ignorance and exits.

Preview after the break.

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donc48 (12 years ago) Reply

Ok how did a geezer that old get somebody that young? I don’t care of most of the men on the planet are dead, most of the women in that age group (mid to late 20’s) would have ran a mile that wake up to that (or maybe I’m wrong and in a post pandemic future there is hope for all of us).
To more weighty matters is it me or after a global pandemic that kills off oh say Seven Billion folks is it me or would you have more then a tire iron to whip out when a couple of cars come driving up? Look I understand this is the UK and there is an anti gun bias at the BBC but whipping out a tire iron? Even over and under single shotguns would be easy to find, maybe even a hunting rifle, the guy in the poster has a freaking submachine gun.
Is it me am I all wet, and things do seem a little well kept.


macstu (12 years ago) Reply

what a piece of crap this series is.


Harry Fletcher (12 years ago) Reply

Pity it was ever made .....the original and REAL Survivors from the 70's was vastly superior. This is a very poor remake.

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