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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.27.10] movie short scifi video

Hangar No. 5 is an impressive Northwestern University student film that has recently been added to the Science Fiction + Fantasy Short Film Festival in Seattle (SFFSFF). Directed by Nathan Matsuda, it is obviously inspired by the high adventure of treasure seeking yarns like Indiana Jones or, perhaps more recently, Warehouse 13. It's a little amateur, but the short is a fun, fast-paced 11 minutes of science fiction enthusiasm to be sure.

This live-action short film finds two treasure-hunting teens sneaking into an abandoned military base looking for a rumored gold cache. Once inside, they accidentally activate a top secret relic of the Cold War - a huge mobile weapons system bent on protecting the base from all intruders. Cut off from every exit, the pair must fight to survive.

You may be interested to know that composer, Philip Klein, recently won an Emmy Award for his score for Hangar No. 5. Once again, the link to that John Williams type, big summer advenure is strong.

For your enjoyment, we've got the entire short available to view after the break. And don't forget, if you're in Seattle on January 31, 2010 you should head down to the shorts fest and see it on the big screen.

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Sean (12 years ago) Reply

Nice to see students selling their creative souls for a bite at the Hollywood Crap Factory. So f**king annoying - I won't even kiss my Shia LaBeouf wall collage good night.


donc48 (12 years ago) Reply

Ok on two levels as mindless entrainment, it works it reminds me of My Science Project. If you like your entertainment more thoughtful I’m not sure the premise of an abandoned cold war bunker works but without all the other stuff (I don’t want to give away any spoilers) it leaves me cold. It’s a student film and they had less then 15 minutes, I have to cut them some slack I just wish some things where more thought though. I like the idea of weird crap being left in the middle of the desert at some deserted cold war bunker circa 1950’s.


Alienmojo (12 years ago) Reply

The moment he put the cigarette to his lips I knew we were going for a cliche'. It's like trying to put a leather jacket on fat computer nerd and expecting him to be cool. With all that was available to these kids they wanted to make a stupid terminator-type movie? I'd rather see them go for a No Country For Old Men-thing. That first scene with the long flowing shot of the barn was so nicely done only to be switched to a static shot 2 seconds later. You've got a helicoptor to make this awesome shot and your only going to use 2 seconds??? I would have flown totally around that thing. Man, give me the money and cameras and I'll make you a good movie. I won't even speak of the acting because their students and I'll give them that. But a giant mechanized beastie resorting to tossing garbage cans at you??? Oh please!!!!


Alienmojo (12 years ago) Reply

I wasn't sure how much I could write. Ok. The cigarette thing really bothered me. I would have made it his last one and he REALLY wanted it, but never got a chance to smoke it. Thru every attack he would check his cigarette to make sure it was ok. Last scene has him about to smoke it and its either broke or he decides to quit...something... ANYTHING than what they did. I guess that is what truly bothers me about this thing... no real thinking went into it. Just cliche after cliche. Guns. Guns in an anbandoned bunker??? I'm sorry, I put more thought into the film I made with my dad's old camera and best friend who I made into a serial killer using a spatula as his weapon. Stupid? Yes.. but at least original and funny. Sorry, it just makes me mad that people who have the money to go to these film schools seem to learn almost nothing. However.. I will say the beginning credits were very well done. And the music was flawless.

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