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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.25.10] movie news cyberpunk book scifi

Screenwriter Trevor Sands has been tapped by Sony to adapt Jeff Somers' techno-thriller novel, “The Electric Church." If that name doesn't sound immediately familiar it will in time as he's the dude who recently finished adapting the “Hyperion” novels for Warner Bros. Books that are indeed very dear to our hearts here in QE land.

According to scificool, Sony's plan is to bring all three of Somers' novels in the dystopian series to the big screen, but with so many supposed franchises falling on their faces these days, I'll be happy to see one get through the gate.

Avery Cates is a freelance New York bodyguard-assassin in a near future Earth run by a federation of nations and governed by a council. Things get complicated for our hero when he kills a cop by mistake and is given the choice of execution or killing the founder of the Electric Church of the title, a church that converts people by transplanting their brains into robotic bodies that denies them free will.

Anyone out there read "The Electric Church"? Would it make a good film trilogy?

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Beefalo (11 years ago) Reply

It's a good trilogy, pretty grim and violent. They'll need a voiceover narrative or a heck of an actor to play the main character, though. He'll be detestable otherwise.


JackCrow (11 years ago) Reply

Book is great, hope the movie will be too.


Milton (11 years ago) Reply

Actually it is a quadology.
The Electric Church
The Digital Plague
The Eternal Prison
The Terminal State


Chris (11 years ago) Reply

I've thought about reading them and now I just might pick up the first book and see what it's all about.

Now if only someone would make Richard K Morgan's Altered Carbon into a film.


JIm (11 years ago) Reply

Funny, the whole time I read these books it felt like the action sequences had been specifically written for a movie screenplay. The way the author describes the action and viewpoints is very cinematic and one could easily craft a storyboard from it.

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