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quietearth [Celluloid 01.21.10] Italy post apocalyptic zombies movie trailer news

Directed by Luca Boni and Marco Ristori and produced by Uwe Boll (let's hope he doesn't ruin it, you're still on probation!), this upcoming Italian zombie flick which will shoot this June looks utterly incredible from the promo work they've done. Check it out folks.

Translated synopsis:
Eaters is a road movie with an extreme zombie theme. It tells a two-day journey of two men in search of survivorthe two minds behind the Extreme Video) are both credited as directors and postproduttori and have made a zombie movie where two humans survived the apocalypse around the world are contaminated and meet (if not to slaughter undead) shreds of humanity and freaks during their journey, all held together by a good dose of irony.

This will be a difficult journey during which our (anti) heroes meet the characters as varied as they are alive or dead. Between neo-Nazis unscrupulous, a deranged painter, priests, murderers and so on and so forth, they will discover that maybe is not really the end of the world. Behind all this freakshow is the true idea of the movie, the clash of an evil is an (almost) well in a world decimated by a terrible female infertility (first) and the Great Infection (then) derived from his hope of to stem the problem of births zero.

Trailers after the break. Thanks to the Avery Mining Corporation for the heads up.