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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.20.10] movie news action

Australian screenwriter, Everett De Roche, has penned some mid-sized horror hits recently in Storm Warning, Nature's Grave (review) and Nine Miles Down, but it seems he's aiming for something a tad grander in his latest script - a modern pirate adventure called High Seas.

I've known that High Seas was in development at Resolution Independent (the dudes behind Storm Warning and the upcoming PA flick Wynter Dark) for about a year now, but word from producer Pete Ford is that De Roche has turned in the final draft and that everyone's pretty excited about it.

Ford also has this to say about High Seas: "It's the story about a father and son that have to battle pirates, the elements and themselves to save the day... okay that sounds kind of naff, trust me - it isn't. It kicks complete ass!"

After the break we've got three pieces of High Seas concept art by the talented Matt Hatton.

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