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quietearth [Celluloid 01.19.10] Poland scifi gallery

Kuba Grygier (Norden) is an employee of Platige Image, the group who worked post-production on Antichrist and also made some concept-art for Hardkor 44 and 36 Stairs. He's been making ADEVALE 2313 since February of 2008 and after he published the first photos and concept-art, Platige hired him.

Until now "Adevale" was a one-man project (script, CGI, VFX, 3d modeling, concept-art), but a few months ago Kuba decided to raise the bar. He wanted to shoot this flick on a RED camera, and gather it a bigger budget. Right now he's in the middle of creating a detailed cinematic. Shooting is scheduled to autumn of this year.

During an interplanetary war between Union Of Inner Planets and Federation of Outer Satellites, a young woman, Nadia Scadi crash lands on the surface of Earth.She reaches to ruins of Adevale - an abandoned city, where she meets a mysterious hermit. Their accidental encounter will decide the fate of the entire humanity...

Gallery after the break. Via our friends at Opium

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