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quietearth [Celluloid 01.19.10] Germany movie trailer news scifi action

While this teaser is from June 2007, apparently it's still a work in progress as they're searching for a vfx guy (someone help em out!), but besides the amateur acting it looks stunning.

The story is set in the distant future, mankind has spread out into space. Over the course of centuries the early colonies have evolved into giant empires, battling for supremacy for the last 75 years. Peace is long forgotten and earth is just a legend...

Rick Walker, former fighter pilot turned disillusioned freelance flyer is hired to transport a mysterious woman to the site of a secret peace negotiation.

Walkers and Perkins' way becomes a fight against time as they are attacked by an enemy that seems to come from the ranks of their own military, an enemy that Walker knows all too well...

Teaser after the break. Via our friends at Opium

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HydraEclipse (12 years ago) Reply

I laughed pretty hard, those are some of the most cliched title cards I have seen in a long time.


JackCrow (12 years ago) Reply

What is awesome here, bad 3d max model animations meet crappy crew, in a b movie with imitation of x wing and 2001 odyssey space station.


FICTIS (12 years ago) Reply

So easy to criticize nowadays, everybody seems to be an expert in filmmaking and special effects... A lot of model work on this one (yeah, real models, not 3dsmax...) but the project is stalled since forever, they started production before 2000. I heard of the film in a modelmaking magazine around 1999, I still keep an eye on it and yes, it's a "no budget" film made by motivated guys from germany, they put the bar pretty high though, a lot of work still to be done to finish it. I hope they can finish it for the sake of all the work that has been done there.
If you'd like to see the awesome model work, go to in the gallery.
These guys are crazy, no doubt, taking on such an ambitious project without money ;)


pat (12 years ago) Reply

wow yea i agree FICTIS. everyone is so harsh and whiney.
i didnt think it was bad. a lot of work there for the effects and sets and everything. shame the story DOESNT SEEM to be more original (trailer has no real definitive plotpoints). thats all i have to moan bout.


tricky the kid (11 years ago) Reply

well, i heard they started out with it as a 'no budget' film a couple of years back, and this layout trailer doesn't really represent the quality of the final piece. rumour has it they found world distribution at the efm and will be released this year. by now this one is a $4 mio budget production. anyway, i'm curious about this and will go and watch it no doubt.

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