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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.19.10] movie trailer news thriller drama

You can tell right away that Desert Son directors, James Mann (Brandon Nicholas co-directed), started out as a cinematographer. In fact, this stunning trailer for his intriguing indie thriller features some of the best desert photography I've seen since probably Dark Country. He actually manages to make it look as romantic as he does a hell-on-earth.

At it's heart, Desert Son is a coming of age movie set around an interesting high concept teen thriller. A boy is abandoned in the desert and joins a couple of other kids to form a home for themselves. To survive they must commit crimes against residence of the nearest town. Of course, things go completely south. Reminds me a little of Max Jacoby's recent film, PA film, Dust, actually with a bit more teen angst and crime.

A boy is abandoned in the heart of the desert by his step father. He takes refuge with two orphans who live in an abandoned mining town. The three kids struggle to survive through series of increasingly desperate and serious crimes. They meet their downfall after a murder weighs too heavy upon their conscience.

We don't have any information about where Desert Son is in the distribution game. Probably nowhere yet, but I'm hoping I can get a screener.

Trailer after the break.

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J.J. (11 years ago) Reply

OUCH! Those performances gotta hurt.


Jonathan (11 years ago) Reply

Just another good looking film that will never make it far enough into the public sector for any-ones enjoyment.


Manion (11 years ago) Reply

o it is over.


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

shut up guys. its well made. the performances werent too bad. better than most hollywood acts these days.

only thing i d say is that their clothes were way too clean for bein out in the desert 24/7 and that water he ducked his head in was cristal clear as well.

other than that. good stuff. i wanna see more!


lbj (11 years ago) Reply

I'll certainly give it a watch - looks interesting.


Anonymous (10 years ago) Reply

saw it at method fest - really good

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