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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 01.19.10] Canada movie news musical horror video comedy vampires

Some of the most fun I had in a theatre last year came late in the year while at the Whistler film festival. The film screening that night to a full house was none other than Rob Stefaniuk's vampire musical comedy mash-up Suck (review). Admittedly, everyone there had an idea that they were in for something a little off the wall but it's doubtful anyone expected Stefaniuk's newest film to be fabulous.

The director whose Phil the Alien brought him some attention for its wacky, off the wall craziness, goes above and beyond with this mix of animation, cheesiness and catchy music. The film stars Stefaniuk as Joey, the leader of a mediocre band with a super hot bassist names Jennifer played by the (stretch a little people) super hot Jessica Paré. The band seems to be going nowhere fast when is turned into a vampire and all of a sudden, wham! Everyone wants to know The Winners. Along with Stefaniuk and Paré, the film also stars Paul Anthony, Dave Foley, Malcolm McDowell and guest appearances from Moby, Henry Rollins, Iggy Pop and Alice Cooper.

I've been jumping at the bit to get my hands on some audio from the film, because honestly, you have to see and hear this to really appreciate it, and here it is! The first two clips and images from the film. These provide a good sense of what the film looks and sounds like. It's a little cheesy but the music is darn catchy and the cheese factor only adds to the film's enjoyment. Seeing these makes me want to see this again!

Clips and images after the greak.

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Mike (12 years ago) Reply

Do you know if there is a U.S. release in store for "SUCK"..?

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