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quietearth [Celluloid 01.17.10] zombies movie trailer news comedy south korea

This reminds me of something but I can't exactly pin what it is.

The government orders the execution of those that are infected with the Zombie virus. People who have infected family members or lovers try to defend them from the government policy. Eventually, a vaccine is developed, but the transition from Zomebie-hood back to humanity, is stressful and difficult.

Episode 1 directed by OH Young-doo An action figure collector accidentally gets infected by the zombie virus. Episode 2: directed by OH Young-doo A special love story of a beautiful girl, and her romantic boyfriend, who gets infected and slowly transforms into a Zombie. Episode 3: directed by HONG Young-geun A woman having to witness her infected mother slowly deteriorate each day. Episode 4: directed by RYU Hoon Dr. Park, who acts as a guinea-pig himself, tries to make a vaccine to cure zombie virus. He finally develops the cure but he’s left with a big debt he must run from. Episode 5: directed by JANG Yoon-jung After the development of vaccine, Seoul once again finds peace. However, the future is still uncertain for those who were cured. Episode 6: directed by HONG Young-geun A story about strained life of a writer, who always has to work under tight deadline.

Trailers after the break. via 24FPS

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