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Christopher Webster [DVD News 01.13.10] movie news scifi dvd action

Albert Pyun has been shafted in the DVD department so many times it's not even funny. Did you know that all widescreen prints of Knights (review) were destroyed? Like, WTF?

Luckily, all that's about to change with the release of Pyun's next film, Bulletface (stills). From now on, every film released by Albert will be director's cuts, lavishly presented in multi-disc sets as part of a new "The Albert Pyun Movie Collection" from Curnan Pictures. Not only that, but each film will include a "bonus" re-release. Bulletface for example, includes a revised version of Left for Dead, while Albert has told us that he may re-release his cyberpunk actioner, Nemesis, in an all new re-imagined version. And I frickin' love Nemesis, so that would be sweet.

Bulletface special edition DVD includes:

1) the Bulletface movie -- LETTERBOXED IN WIDESCREEN! The way it was actually shot.

2) Tony Riparetti's original music soundtrack to Bulletface on CD.

3) A recut and revised version of Left For Dead based on viewers' reviews and comments on the 2008 version.

4) the original music soundtrack for Left For Dead.

As a fascinating aside, Bulletface currently holds the number 2 spot on IMDB's "Best films released in 2010." Of course it hasn't even been released yet, but whoever has seen it obviously liked it.

Watch for Bulletface in DVD the end of Januar, 2010.

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Osvaldo Neto (12 years ago) Reply

Awesome, truly awesome...


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

apathy. hey albert, where's the Guam money?

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