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Christopher Webster [DVD News 01.12.10] movie news scifi dvd horror cult

Some standouts from 2009 hit DVD and blu-ray today including Duncan Jones' MOON (review, amazon), and Katheryn Bigelow's truly amazing bomb-sqaud drama The Hurt Locker (amazon). Both are well worth your time so if you haven't seen them, now's your chance.

Also out today are a couple of stellar indies that got lost in the shuffle. Rian Johnson's con-man romp, The Brothers Bloom (amazon), hits after a loooong wait. This one got some mixed to downright terrible reviews, but I enjoyed it immensely and would easily recommend it to indie fans. The other flick, perhaps for the more adventurous viewer, is Downloading Nancy (trailer, amazon)). It made Marina's top 5 of 2009 list so now I have to see it.

On the horror front we're only really getting one worth a look and that's Rob Zombie's sequel to his own Halloween reboot, Halloween II (review, amazon).

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Marina (11 years ago) Reply

Downloading Nancy is indeed a selection for the adventurous type but one well worth a look.


SkyFox (11 years ago) Reply

This is just about to come out too, it's next in my DVD queue, right after moon which just shipped today. It's Oswald Patton in Big Fan, should be a great movie.

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