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quietearth [Film Festival 01.11.10] Denmark movie news drama gallery

I've been keeping an eye on this TrustNordisk film for quite some time now, and now it's been announced as part of the competition lineup at Rotterdam. While there still isn't much available besides two stills (one which has been around forever), this prison drama sounds excellent, and knowing Nordisk, I'm betting we'll see a trailer soon.

The prisoner R arrives to Denmark’s toughest prison, where he is to serve a sentence for violent assault. R is reduced to a number, a letter, just another inmate. The prison is a parallel world filled with rules, honor, and debts. A world,in which bars cover the windows and blood stains the floor. R is placed in the most hardcore ward. Here he must find his place in the system, learn to navigate, and fight for survival.

Two stills after the break.

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