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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.09.10] post apocalyptic movie news book scifi

We've just discovered that an adaptation of John Christopher's 1977 post-apocalyptic novel, Empty World is in development! As it's coming from the same production house that gave us the fantastic looking Mr. Nobody (trailer) we've got high hopes that it'll be a worthy production.

Christopher is probably most known for his "Tripods" trilogy which, as we've reported, is currently being developed for film by none other than Alex Proyas. He is also the author of the PA novel, "No Blade of Grass" (movie review) which was also adapted to film in the 1970s.

Neil Miller thinks his comfortable life comes to an end when a car crash killed his family. But when he faces as a deadly virus that sweeps the world, killing the adult entire population and leaving the world in the hands of children, Neil must fight to survive the new landscape.

The film has even got a director attached, Lucas Howe, who also wrote the screenplay.

More as it comes gang!

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wayneley (13 years ago) Reply

not read any of Mr Christopher's work but heard alot about EMPTY WORLD - sounds fantastic storyline and would make a tremendous movie.... :){{


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

Sounds like the background story is just like in Jeremiah.


days wetter (13 years ago) Reply



Anglebender (13 years ago) Reply

So THIS is where Straczynski got the idea for Jeremiah... Hmmm...


Huge fan (13 years ago) Reply

This book is amazing and I just checked out Lucas Howe's work at and he has directed a really amazing post apocalyptic short film. I would love to see what he does with this material!


Film Buff (13 years ago) Reply

Kids left to run the planet. I'd pay to see that!

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