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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 01.07.10] movie trailer scifi horror video video game

I was avoiding reporting on this until I realized that we cover indie creature-features all the time and Michael Roesch andPeter Scheerer's sequel to the original Alone in the Dark is basically that. It looks a little lack-luster but fun all the same.

When the night falls, and the creatures of the dark are crawling out of the shadows, there is only one man who stands between us and evil: Edward Carnby.

Alone in the Dark 2 streets on DVD January 26, 2010.

Enjoy some big guns against aliens mayhem after the break.

Trailer scooped from DC

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Andreas Port (12 years ago) Reply

We in Germany here have this shit get lat year and its mutch worse, the the first. Ist a realy boring movies.
Gretings from


donc48 (12 years ago) Reply

Ok I have to confess I hated the first Alone in the Dark, this looks to be maybe slightly better. I suspect this is on the fast track to SYFY Saturday I save my drachmas and wait and see if they pick it up.


Lotus Eater (12 years ago) Reply

I liked "alone in the dark."

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