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quietearth [Celluloid 01.04.10] Belgium movie trailer news drama

[I think this looks bloody brilliant so I'm sticking it at the top of the news for the weekend, unless something major comes through. Check it out!]

Thanks to a producer friend in Belgium we got word on a new arthouse feature which is currently in post called Little Baby Jesus of Flandr. It's adapted from the old Flemish play "En Waar de Sterre Bleef Stille Staan" by Felix Timmermans and directed by Gust Van den Berghe.

It's a compelling story about three poor beggars, going around caroling on Christmas eve for money, food and liquor. They end up getting lost in the woods and witness the birth of little baby Jesus.

You'll notice almost all of the actors have down syndrome, and I'm already salivating to see this. It looks utterly brilliant.

Trailer after the break.

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Bob Doto (11 years ago) Reply

Wow. There are just over 700 billion ways this film can go wrong.... And, only one way to go right. Hmmmm... Nervous.


projectcyclops (11 years ago) Reply

Wow... paging Jodorowsky. And I agree with Bob, this could either be a work of genius or something entirely more awkward.

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