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quietearth [Celluloid 01.03.10] France movie trailer news horror drama giallo

While there's been a brief teaser around for somewhile, I've held off on reporting on this film in hopes of seeing something incredible which has just been verified by the good folks over at Twitch. Amer premiered at Sitges and has played well on the fest circuit, but unfortunately we've been unable to get our hands on a copy, so I'm not exactly sure what it's about. However, we'll be rectifying this shortly.

Three key moments, all of them sensual, define Ana's life. Her carnal search sways between reality and colored fantasies becoming more and more oppressive. A black laced hand prevents her from screaming. The wind lifts her dress and caresses her thighs. A razor blade brushes her skin, where will this chaotic and carnivorous journey leave her?

Trailer after the break.

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Pong (12 years ago) Reply

Very cool looking hark back to the 70's Giallo days. I'll be glad to see this when it becomes available.

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