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Christopher Webster [DVD News 12.22.09] movie news dvd

Need some last minute x-mas gifts for your favorite genre fanatic? This week's got enough doozies to round out the holiday cheer nicely.

For one thing, we finally get to see Staten Island (trailer, amazon) the mob flick with Ethan Hawke, Vincent D'Onofrio and Seymour Cassel that was previously titled "Little New York."

Of course we can't forget Neil Blompkamp's District 9 (amazon) is out on DVD and Blu-ray today. Easily one of the best science fiction films in a long time, District 9 was among the three big Hollywood game changers this year (the other two are of course, Paranormal Activity for micro-budget and Avatar for technology).

Another scifi / horror film getting release today is Ghost Machine (trailer, amazon) which finally arrives thanks to Anchor Bay.

Need a good chuckle? Craving a carefree romantic comedy to go along with your holiday rum and eggnog? Then don't get 500 Days of Summer (amazon) this week. However, if you want to take a realistic look at what a one-sided relationship looks like then watch it. Personally, I think 500 Days of Summer is completely overrated. Breaking Upwards was a much better and even more realistic look at the same thing.

What else we got? Well, The Aslyum's mockbuster riff on Paranormal Entity (amazon)for one. We got an exclusive look at the film's trailer and wondered if it would be scarier than Paranormal Activity. Now we'll get a chance to find out.

And a couple more things, Fumihiko Sori's Zatoichi redux starring a woman Ichi. (trailer, amazon). Then there's the Danish underground thriller No Right Turn (trailer, amazon) which I've had a screener for for quite some time, and while it's very stylish I found the story pretty weak.

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Lenny (12 years ago) Reply

Also Something Something Something Darkside today! Seen it it's seriously almost shot for shot Empire with very little comedy.

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