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quietearth [Celluloid 12.20.09] Turkey zombies movie trailer news

We brought you this first shaky cam trailer back in November, and now here's the second one!

Here is a very roughly translated synopsis:
Known each other for a long time friend of the five-person group, partner to attend the wedding of a friend Büyükada'ya expenses. Erhan, together with the wedding and a long range team can record their happy moments brought a camera for receiving and continuous shooting is near. Viewed throughout the entire film, this camera mirrors ones. Later in the hour of the wedding guests and a group of zombie attack, mess turns into the lake of blood.

Trailer after the break. Sorry, no English subs.

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Jeff (12 years ago) Reply

No problemo on the subs. We made our own! It ranged from "OMG, we're nothing but people pasta to these things" to "Noooo...gate crashers at the Rob Zombie concert." This one will definitely be worth a watch.


uncleB (12 years ago) Reply

This looks like dog dook


Zombob (12 years ago) Reply

Doesn't look too bad...


Enver (12 years ago) Reply

Hi, im turkish so i understand everything.

Firstly i thought that its not that good.
But it seems really good.
It is a comedy zombi movie.

I've laughed my ass off :)
For example "the is a human history of thousand of years and the doom is finding me." or "what, we have to go through the graveyard?" or "my girlfriend, i mean, the woman i love... she went to the wedding... and they ate her... the woman i love. they ate her..." or "these things are undead... what? undead? no, they are everything but not dead.. my grandfather, peace be upon him, when he was dead, he was like... dead.. but these things are jumping around..."


secretperson (12 years ago) Reply

they have really good make ups and effects.I am happy to see Turkey developing.


mert kingbomer (10 years ago) Reply

ı dont understand is zombie films
ı have like to do
and not scary maybe turkıs army
engage the ısland by turkısh mılıtary forces
arıve ısland and actıon and war to zombies an
d escape from dead ısland

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