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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.13.09] movie trailer news action martial arts

We're told that The Malay Chronicles: Bloodline is loosely based on the 16th century historical document entitled "The Malay Annals" and is "an action-packed epic feature film, with mythical characters, magical moments and dazzling visual-effects sequences."

Directed by Yusry A. Halim, the film is about Merong Mahawangsa, who was a descendant of Alexander the Great and a renowned naval captain and traveler who came to Asia several hundred years ago.

The year is 120 AD… a time when the Roman Empire is at the height of its power, during the reign of Hadrian, one of the Five Good Emperors. Meanwhile in China, the Han Dynasty is firmly cemented as the ruling empire and is expanding into Central Asia... one hundred years before the period of the Three Kingdoms.

The film is the first of six reported joint efforts between Epic and KRU who agreed to make six English-language action films.

Trailer after the break (please note the trailer cuts off at 43 seconds. So far it's the best video we've got, though we'll try to track down a full clip).

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Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

I found full 1:15 trailer of this movie. Link >>


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

the official movie website is up!!!

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