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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 12.11.09] Netherlands Romania trailer news drama

There may not be a whole lot of action in this, the first clip from First of All, Felicia ("Felicia inainte de toate"), but it’s an amazingly effective three minutes which boil the film to a fine point.

Co-written and directed by noted Romanian “new wave” screenwriter Razvan Radulescu (the man behind the pen for The Death of Mister Lazarescu and Summer Holiday) and Dutch new comer Melissa de Raaf, First of All, Felicia is the intimate story of a woman and her mother spending the afternoon together at an airport, an afternoon that is bound to end in tears.

Forty year old Felicia lives with her son in Amsterdam. While he is away at summer school, Felicia takes the opportunity to visit her parents and sister in Romania. On the day of her flight home after a two week stay, her sister Iulia can’t take her to the airport and Felicia is left with her mother for company but when she misses her flight, things go sideways as the women go from one argument to the next, opening old wounds, dragging up family history and speaking frankly of their relationship.

What really struck me about the exchange in this clip is how authentic it feels. I remember the first time my mother and I had a similar exchange and Radulescu and de Raaf have managed to capture it almost word for word. It’s extremely uncomfortable and admittedly a little difficult to watch. If the clip is this effective, I’m both curious and a little scared to see how the film itself turns out.

Clip after the break.

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toro (12 years ago) Reply

Yep, I'm romanian and the dialogue is very natural except for 1 or 2 words (and some expressions are not translated at all).
I don't like the theatrically feeling of the clip, but nevertheless, this has potential to be a good movie.


Anonymous (11 years ago) Reply

the dialog is very natural, and real. These 2 actresses play their roles beautifully, powerful, tender, making the whole scene being taken from real life. I will watch this movie as this clip made me very curios.

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