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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.08.09] Tuvalu post apocalyptic movie trailer news

Luke Goss stars in Nick Lyon's Annihilation Earth, a post-apocalyptic TV movie that was once called Doomsday, but was changed when it was mistakenly taken to be a series based on Neil Marshall's film of the same name (and since we broke that rumor, my apologies).

Anyway, now that that confusion is over and done with, SyFy has given the flick a release date (December 12, 2009) and released the first destruction filled trailer.

An attack on a supercollider puts the planet on a collision course with total destruction.

Annihilation Earth was written by Rafael Jordan and also stars the great Colin Salmon, Xenia Seeberg and Theo Cross.

Trailer after the break.

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donc48 (13 years ago) Reply

MMMMM a couple of things is this pre- apocalyptic or post- apocalyptic or a meshing of the two? I hate to be a stickler but there is a difference, I am a devotee of all three. Second SYFY Saturday movies have always scared me, and not in the good scared way, horrible acting, and bizarre premises have at times made me cringe and ponder (Some body made money over this). SYFY Saturday has always been bit hit and miss, mostly miss, if I don't have a date lined up I’ll take a looks see but as the mother told her daughter on her wedding night “Don’t expect to much honey”.
Any other comments or observations from the wastelands?


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

I'd like to see the movie, which I missed. I don't care who else disliked it. I saw part of it and then the cable went out. It looked interesting to me. SYFY is not repeating this. WHY NOT?


Donald LaFace (12 years ago) Reply

Personally for a syfy station movie,it was pretty good...Marina Sirtis w/a southern accent was pushing the envelope...but I'm not all that critical...wasn't plan 9 from outer spacev right?...loved the ending!!

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