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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 12.07.09] movie news horror gallery

We just received a bunch of interesting info regarding the currently in-development 3D reimagining of The Gate (the classic PG-13 kiddie horror from the 80s). The most interesting tidbit for QE readers is probably that H.R. Giger is on board to design new creatures for the film. However I wouldn't expect anything quite as sinister as the Alien. The re-make is aiming to retain the PG-13 sensibilities of the original and keep the film light-hearted.

Included in the package is the film's entire story outline, which besides the odd modern tweak (Glen is now called Miles, his older sister Al is Emo, and they're being raised by a single dad) it's pretty much the same story. Dad goes out of town and the kids fight to stay alive and close the gates of hell throughout the night.

The monsters will be given more variety and screen time in the new version and some of them appear to be big beer drinkers. Here's a short excerpt from the outline:

"They have opened a gate STRAIGHT TO HELL! Moths are the least of the problems—they’ve got MINIONS, who herald the arrival of the DEMON LORD himself, and these guys like to party!

That night the basement is swarming with the little frog-like beasts. They are kind of cute—in an ugly way—but mix these creatures with beer and it’s a dangerous combination. Pretty soon they are attacking with razor-sharp teeth and claws."

Miles then takes on the hoards of beasties in true goonie-style:

"Miles arms himself with a paintball gun and takes on the minions, Rambo-style. They scurry, howling, in and out of dark corners. He is able to hold them off long enough to get out of the basement more-or-less intact. They claw and scratch at the basement door as the kids force it shut."

We've also got four storyboards for the film for you to take a look at after the break.

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vase (11 years ago) Reply

The original "The Gate" is a fine fine movie. Deeply creepy. Smells like Phantasm.


Lotus Eater (11 years ago) Reply

Oh yeah, the original "the gate" like vase is saying is off the damn chain!

Hey I got a question for you guys in the know.
"Day by Day Armageddon" supposedly been out since like 2004 or something and it seems to have a very similar story from a glance as to
"world war z" which supposedly was out in 2006 or something, whos ripping off who? Maybe one of you people in the know, could comment on this.

Yeah, giger, great art.

I had no idea, a remake was in the works. cool.


agentorange (11 years ago) Reply

@Lotus Eater

Day by Day Armageddon indeed came out first, but I doubt Max Brooks even read it let alone ripped it off. Personally I like DBDA better.

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