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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 12.04.09] United Kingdom trailer scifi thriller

It's safe to say that British helmer Lesley Manning came to public attention in the early 1990's with "Ghostwatch," a TV show about hauntings which was passed on as a real broadcast event (a la "War of the Worlds"). For years Manning has continued to work in television, expanding into film a few years ago with the film adaptation of Martin Wagner's The Agent (I film I've never heard of, never mind seen) but when it was announced that for her next film Manning would be taking on a sci-fi thriller which would star Miranda Richardson, Sam Neill, Natalie Press and Cillian Murphy, she caught my attention.

Written by Stephen Volk (who she worked with in "Ghostwatch"), Telepathy is based in an idea as old as science: that identical twins share a bond that goes beyond blood. Here are the details on the premise:

A pair of identical twins are separated by Russian scientists to determine if they can communicate with each other while one is kept on earth and the other is launched into space.

I'm going to assume that Murphy will play both roles though details on the film, which is currently in production, are limited. We have however, managed to track down the first one sheet (on the right) and some test footage for the project. Whether this is any indication of what we can expect from the film is beyond me but judging from the bit of reading I've done on Manning's previous work, she's one that performs small miracles on limited budgets and tight schedules. Perhaps this footage means we're in for something a little more experimental (this has a found footage feel to it); I'm certainly game for that. Can't wait to see the first official trailer for confirmation.

Footage after the break.

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tudza (10 years ago) Reply

Ah, you mean Time for the Stars by Robert Heinlein.


twrcitie (10 years ago) Reply

Thats Kevin McKidd innit?

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