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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.30.09] trailer news scifi drama

Fish head soup may be a popular dish but that doesn’t, from what I can tell, have anything to do with July Massaccesi's full length feature debut Fish Head ("Cabeza de Descado"). Written by Fernando Barrientos and Edgardo Sosa, it’s a strange little story of Calvino, a taxidermist whose son Nino suffers from a virus that is mutating him into another being.

Strange? You betcha but it also sounds like an interesting take on body mutation. The title of the film suggests that perhaps only Nino’s head changes which would be a bit strange on its own but I’m willing to guess we’re headed into total body change a la The Fly. It’s a great concept and the trailer suggests a film with interesting visuals; it’s shot in black and white with the occasional flash of colour.

The trailer is pretty mysterious giving away little of the story and no images of Nino in-change but I’m looking forward to seeing what Massaccesi has to offer. Sounds promising.

Trailer after the break.

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