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Christopher Webster [Cathode Ray Mission 11.30.09] Tuvalu post apocalyptic zombies news book drama

Now that the QE crew is offically back from post-turkey comas we can report on an interesting scoop that appeared amid the glut of unread emails this morning.

It would see that Deadline Productions is adapting Seth Grahame-Smith's trend-setting mash-up novel, "Pride Prejudice and Zombies," into a six-part television event. The news appeared in a tweet from the book's official page, PridePrejudiceZombie.

Not to be confused with Deadline Productions out of Houston, Texas, this Deadline production is run by the same guys who brought Scottish BBC the zaney scifi cop drama, Phoo Action in 2008.

Personally I haven't read Smith's novel yet because, well, I just plain haven't the time, but it's on the pile and I'm sure I'll get to it before the series airs. Has anyone out there actually read it? If so, do you think the world is ready the see the beloved Bennet family beseiged by hoards of the Undead. If it's anything like the stellar Dead Set though, I'm in.

We're told the image to the right is a promo-sheet for the production. Gotta say, it seems a little too ubiquitous considering the unique nature of the project.

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Penny (11 years ago) Reply

Will these be well-heeled zomboids or the run of the mill types with ca-ca on their boots where they had been out cleaning the rich types' stables just as zombiesm struck? OR will they be the other types, any and all, lucky and no damned luck (as in ALL OF THEM) mixed together in a sort of hodge-podge rank means nothing to us cause we're dead? Personally, I don't care, just because they're dead and I'm not and a bullet or a baseball bat does the job I need them to do very nicely indeed. Poor walking dead people.

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