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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.26.09] United Kingdom movie news drama

It's been eight years since we've heard from Peter Mullan, the Scottish actor-turned-director who picked up a Golden Lion for his startling second film, The Magdalen Sisters. His new film? A gritty look at gang culture in 1970s Glasgow called Neds.

Many people are wondering whether Neds is an autobiographical page out of the Scottish native's own life, but while the film does follow "a bright, sensitive youngster drawn towards the violence of the local gang culture," Mullan says that "10% of it actually happened and the other 90% is fiction; little anecdotes I’ve heard over the years, stories I’ve been told and things I’ve just made up."

The most interesting aspect of Mullan's vision for Neds though, comes from his strict adherence to kitchen-sink realism, so loved by UK filmmakers. He says "there will be no glaring period props, no wallowing in false nostalgia and no indulgence of music tracks from the era." What no lively jaunt a la Pirate Boat then?

Neds is a UK, France and Italy co-production funded by Film 4, the UK Film Council, Scottish Screen and Wild Bunch.

Quotes via: screendaily.

Gallery after the break courtesy of ioncinema.

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projectcyclops (12 years ago) Reply

I'm looking forward to this! 'Neds' are part of daily life in Scotland, scary bastards.




Ciaran MacKay (12 years ago) Reply

I'm also looking forward to this film,
unfortunetly the word ned does not accully stand for non educated delinquent though.
surely it would be 'uneducated delinquent?'
if anything this common missconseption does nothing but back the stereotype of us glaswegians having bad grammer!

im not having a go at anyone here, the daily record had the same misstake on their page when refering to the word ned!

ciaran 17 cardonald glasgow.

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