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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.20.09] Argentina post apocalyptic movie trailer short scifi

What do you do if you're a production company that wants to make a film based on a popular science fiction graphic novel, but you don't have the rights? Call it a "fan film" and get on with it. That's what TF productions are doing with Nevada, a mostly impressive looking short by Pablo Ponce de León that takes place in Hector O. Oesterheld's post alien invasion universe.

It's interesting to note that this project has come to our attention (thanks Avery) on the same day that some test-footage for South America's actual big-budget adaptation of the "El Eternauta" comic also hit the net. Does this teaser for the little fan film trump the look of the real-deal?

The music is certainly killer, though I'm pretty sure it's ripped out of some Italian film from the 70s. It might actually be a Goblin track, but again I'm not sure. Anyone recognize it?

Watch the teaser for Navada after the break.

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Terry Valladon (12 years ago) Reply

Nevada != Navada


Avery (12 years ago) Reply

I think it looks rather awesome and am looking forward to both versions!


Hernan (12 years ago) Reply

Hi Quiet Earth,
We're the producers of Nevada. We thank you for the kind words. About the tune, it's not Italian, it's original and was made a group that does all our music and it's produced under Creative Commons in case you'd like the .mp3. Additionally, if you'd like to get in touch with Pablo or anyone else, you may do so at this e-mail. By the way great site, great content. Congrats to the whole team.
Have a great day!
Producer at TF Films

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