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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 11.13.09] movie trailer news scifi

Smartparts is an intriguing little scifi project that's currently in development. It is written by visual FX master, Mark Benard ("Finding Neverland", "What the bleep do we know?"). It's about a con man who stumbles across an underground arehouse and becomes caught between a bizarre, high-noon standoff between a bunch of forgotten old military robots: a massive centipede-like war machine and three small "Johnny 5" tyoes.

A small-time conman hiding out after a successful score faces a desperate struggle for survival when he discovers the storage warehouse chosen as a temporary hideout is also the secret home for a group of abandoned and forgotten military robots... of which seems to have gone insane.

We've got a copy of the promo-reel after the break. It takes a while to get to the hook but it's worth waiting for things to kick in. Hard to say whether this idea could translate into a feature film but the gang behind it seem pretty serious, having already created an entire mythology around the invention of the robots back in the 50s and how they came to be abandoned.

Watch the Smartparts sales reel after the break.

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