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quietearth [Celluloid 11.10.09] New Zealand movie news drama

Ahh, how I love the odd. The Riddell's have been trying to make this for seven years, and it looks like they're going to finally be shooting this micro-budget drama soon. Shot on the Red One, this story revolves around a Maori man and his fantasy tinged search. The plot sounds incredible. Let's hope this turns out good.

When Arthur, self-proclaimed second son of God, sets out to save the world he loves, life gets a little crazy. With his band of rumbustuous street people, he brings wonder and hope to his gritty urban surroundings. Desperate housewife Margaret, lonely and infertile, wonders at her own grip on reality when she falls for the big Maori man and his enchanting tales. A night of cosmic sex under the light of that looming moon leaves her teetering on the brink of fantasy. But Arthur must be about his mission. When the closure of his boarding house is threatened, he sees an opportunity to prove his credentials. Working in concert with his unlikely band of no-hopers, Arthur has a few words of street wisdom to share with the snooty guardians of respectability. Just as it seems he has triumphed, his own interior world begins to disintegrate. Confused and distracted, he is confined to the local psychiatric ward, where his delusions can be treated with medication. Those like Margaret who have come to believe in him face a new and agonising doubt. Has it all come to nothing? Had they hoped in vain? But even in the face of despair, it may be that Arthur’s magic continues...

Promo development piece for the film after the break.

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