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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.06.09] movie trailer news romance

Remember being young when your biggest worry was missing that all important cartoon, when convincing mom and dad to let you stay up past 8PM was a triumph and when you could spend all your free time hanging out with your best friend and perhaps even sharing a bath with him or her? Those were the days.

Lovers in a Dangerous Time explores what it’s like when two childhood friends re-unite. Allison returns to the small town of Creston for her 10 year high school re-union where she re-unites with Todd, the best friend of her youth. During her stay, their relationship morphs from friendship into romance and the duo is faced with trying to figure out where to go next. Does the relationship have a future? Does that future involve living in a small town?

Who doesn’t reminisce about their youth? Lovers in a Dangerous Time looks like a charming romance with a twist and if the trailer is any indication, one that doesn’t finish with a happy ending. When does life ever provide one of those?

Trailer after the break.

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