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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 11.06.09] France news action

Oh hello? Is it possible? Could Jean Reno be making a come back? You know, that Jean Reno, the one that once starred in Nikita, The Professional and Ronin before going on to make a load of films so bad they’re not even worth mentioning.

It looks like there is light at the end of a very long and dark tunnel. Reno is signed on to star in 22 Bullets (L'Immortel) an actioner being directed by actor-turned-director Richard Berry (who is no stranger to working with Reno - the two have appeared together in a number of films) and adapted from Franz-Olivier Giesbert's bestselling novel. But why all the excitement? This is why:

After a long, brutal and successful career in the Marseille mafia, Charly Matteï has gone straight. For three years, he has lived a quiet life devoted to his wife and two young children. Then, one winter morning, he is left for dead on the docks of the old port with 22 bullets in his body. Somehow he survives. And goes looking for Tony Zacchia, the only man who would dare to try to kill him. Zacchia made just one mistake: he failed.

Can you say awesome? Yes, AWESOME!

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cl (12 years ago) Reply

jean reno is the best!! glad to see him doing a new movie like this!

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