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quietearth [Film Festival 11.05.09] post apocalyptic movie news samurai

Water is a precious commodity? Check. Aftermath of WWIII? Check. Mix Samurai action in? YES! From director Tom Hammock and Easternlight Films (Arclight) comes something which sounds utterly awesome. I'm really digging these genre mashups. Unfortunately, all we have is a synopsis right now.

The year is 2055, and our once green Earth has been blasted into an endless desert. In the aftermath of World War III, The Water Corporation has been established to ration the most precious resource on the planet. Pipes stretch across the globe, carrying water to those who can afford it. The less fortunate sabotage the vulnerable pipes, stealing what they need to survive.

To protect their interests, the Water Corporation recruit The Weir, an elite unit of warriors, schooled in the ancient way of the Samurai. Once honorable and just, The Weir have descended into a rabble of vicious thugs, killing indiscriminately, terrorizing the scorched sands. The Weir are hated by all those unlucky enough to survive beyond the control of the Corporation. All but one.

Disgraced and left to die in the sand, a rogue Weir known only as The Samurai swears vengeance against those who shamed him. Haunted by the past and constant visions of his own death, the Samurai uses his deadly skill with a sword to destroy the order of the Weir, one slice at a time.

On his path of destruction, The Samurai meets Marais, a beautiful yet broken survivor from one of the many villages destroyed by the Weir. Together, they battle their way to New Quebec, where the Samurai must make his final stand and restore honor to the order of the Weir, or die trying.

More as it comes!

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