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We’re still a few weeks way from taking in Roland Emmerich’s 2012 but that’s not stopping the director from talking about a sequel. How exactly is this going to work if everyone’s dead? Ghosts? Zombies? Sadly neither of those is the case. Apparently, SPOILER WARNING!, everyone doesn’t die at the end of Emmerich’s film! And the proposed sequel isn’t even going to be a movie instead, it’ll be a TV show titled 2013.

Emmerich has confirmed that the show will concentrate on the resettling of earth by the few survivors. The pitch, from the mouth of the man himself:

"The plan is that it is 2013 and it’s about what happens after the disaster. It is about the resettling of Earth. That is very, very fascinating. (2012 writer/producer) Harold Kloser and I came up with the idea and we have the luxury of having a producer on the film who is a big TV producer, Mark Gordon. We said to Mark, ‘Why don’t you do a TV show that picks up where the movie leaves off and call it 2013?’ I think it will focus on a group of people who survived but not on the boats … maybe they were on a piece of land that was spared or one that became an island in the process of the crust moving. There are so many possibilities of what they could do and I’d be excited to watch it."

I get excited at the prospect of any new television show that has even the smallest semblance of life/survival post apocalypse but these guys should be careful that José Saramago’s lawyers don’t come knocking. Though the initial set-up is different, this sounds dangerously close to the Nobel Prize winning author’s “The Stone Raft” which tells the story of a group of individuals who have to survive when a part of the Iberian peninsula breaks away.

Producer Mark Gordon has already discussed the disaster show to ABC and though no confirmations have been made, it sounds like this may take over for “Lost” once that show wraps next year.

Via /Film and EW.

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agentorange (13 years ago) Reply

About time Emmerich brought his unique brand of over-blown, post-apocalyptic sensibilities to the small screen. I for one hope this happens.


uncleB (13 years ago) Reply

All we need is a TV version of water world. What part of END OF THE WORLD doesn't he get. After all, the basis of the whole damn 2012 thing is the End! Maybe it’s just me, but I hate all these freaking feel good happy f&&kin endings. Sorry, just not to happy to hear that people are going to be sailing the Appalachian Ocean in hopes of being able to find dry land. Disappointed


wilcoy (13 years ago) Reply

Ahoy me maties LAND! As an avid P-A fan any news about making a tv series makes me happy. I'm encouraged that Roland Emmerich is personally getting behind the project 2013 for this new TV series.If they take a more Terry Nations 'Survivors'approach about the aftermath and not 'Waterworld' it could work. Anyhow looks like seafood is on the menu for a long time after 2012. Crossing my fingers as am a 'LOST' fan and would love to see '2013' take it's place.


donc48 (13 years ago) Reply

Color me skeptical granted things have gotten better over the last couple of years. I have been bit by the networks way to many times to pop champagne right now at the hint of a PA flick coming to prime time. If it was SyFy I would feel much better about the prospects, their Syfy Saturday not with standing their mini series, and series have been pretty good. Wilcoy I hope your right Bro BTW love your podcast on Blog talk keep up the good work.


Anonymous (13 years ago) Reply

@uncleB : You don't get it ... An end of the world is just not happening, it's unrealistic some parts of mankind will ALWAYS survive.
and furthermore: there is a limited amount of water on this planet, there is no f*cking way The whole world is gonna be flodded. So much for realism and opportunities for the setting.
Besides: Given the background (mayas, hopis, nostradamus and also the talkings about spiritual dev) there are tons of possible stories to tell...
I guarantee you, this is going to be a huge show, and it will be successful


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

This was entertainment, and look forward to the sequel. Movie was just a portrayal of man's fight to survive knowing no one as yet has made it out of here alive.
Look forward to 2013

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