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quietearth [Celluloid 11.04.09] post apocalyptic movie news noir

We've all been eagerly anticipating this flick, and while we've hounded the production folks to give us a copy of the promo trailer, we haven't seen anything yet. However, we do know that the film has been renamed The Last City. And to boot, we've got some extended info:

Year: 2070

The ancient prophecies of hell on earth came true with a vengeance at the end of the Age of Pisces when apocalyptic solar flares brought the modern world to its knees. With the ozone layer decimated, the sun penetrated land and sea. It got hot. Very hot. The rivers dried, the oceans turned to salt, and the Earth was showered with relentless fire. In the aftermath, a chain reaction of chaos engulfed the planet and mankind devoured everything. All that remained was The Last City, formerly the pinnacle of the modern world, now reduced to an urban graveyard of sand, ash and death. There were no days. No nights. Just an eternal burning crimson sky that scorched all hope into oblivion.

Lengthy details continue after the break.

Then, through whispers, came stories of a new messiah, a man bearing water who would alleviate the suffering of the masses, heralding the dawning of the celestial Age of Aquarius, a golden era of enlightenment and peace. The people, in the depths of their suffering began again to hope and called themselves The Believers. But instead of a prophet, Maximillian White (James Caan) came to power. A tyrant with the knowledge to create water, White erected a gleaming white obelisk, the Aquarius Water Distribution Tower, in the Water District, a bastion from which he rules over the city with an iron first. Once a year, White hosts the Water Festival, a ritual celebration where he drenches the citizens in a cascade of water, an event which serves to reinforce his power in the minds of the people. Guarded zealously by his trench-coat clad henchmen, White ensures that the few who dare to challenge his reign, like Detective Gabriel Blake, quickly cease to exist.

After burnt-out former detective Michael Blake is rustled from his derelict, opium-induced dream by Detective Edward Baldwin, he reluctantly pays a visit to Police Chief Captain Willis Ramsey (Robert Duvall). Upon discovering this his brother Gabriel was murdered, Blake asks to be put back on the force and is reluctantly allowed by Captain Ramsey to investigate his brother's mysterious death. Partnered up with Baldwin, Blake discovers that Gabriel and his partner, Joe Simon, were heavily involved in secret meetings where "Believers" meet to discuss the coming of the Messiah. Intent on finding out more, Blake and Baldwin head to the church and discover Simon hanging from the dome of the Cathedral. Blake chases after the trench-coat clad men he sees running from the scene and engages in a brutal combat, killing the assassins.

With two cops dead in one night, and White's men on the scene of the crime, Blake knows that in order to get answers, he has to go straight to the top: Maximillian White. While hunting down White on his own turf, Michael discovers a match to the hamsa pendant he keeps hidden in his pocket. It is worn by May, the radiantly beautiful singer in White's club, who tells him it was a gift from Gabriel. May is devastated when she learns of Gabriel's death and pleads with Michael to help ash she has been kidnapped by White, who is forcing her to marry him, and that she loved Gabriel and is pregnant by him. When Detective Jackie Flynn gives Michael a letter from Gabriel confirming that May is indeed carrying his child, Michael learns that he is not only charged with protecting May and the baby, but carrying out Gabriel's life mission.

In an action packed, suspenseful series of events, Michael discovers cosmic secrets of epic proportions. When he is introduced to The Keeper of the Last Book, Michael is astounded to discover that he, Gabriel and May are vital elements in the prophesy espoused by the Believers, a clandestine group whose participants are found in all walks of life. When Michael finally comes face to face with White, it becomes evident that in his hands rests the balance between god and evil and this his actions will decide the fate of... The Last City.

See our first post with promo stills here.

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olaaaa (12 years ago) Reply

Wow, this sounds like it could be really great, I can't wait for a trailer...also crossing my fingers that it's not ultra-CGI-crazy. Shiny CGI = not very post-apocalyptic in my book. :/


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

The Last City sounds like a title for one of sy-fy channel productions that you accidentally catch on TV after the midnight. What a dumb name, Tribes of October is waaaaaay better and original.

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