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Marina Antunes [Celluloid 10.29.09] movie trailer news thriller gallery

A car veers off the road into the dark woods. The passengers, Sophie and Vincent are disoriented, wandering around the forest in search of the road (or help) when they come upon an abandoned house. At first they’re cautious, searching through the house to ensure it’s really empty and when satisfied that they’re alone, they make themselves comfortable for a night out of the rain. Except they’re not alone – someone’s come in and locked the door trapping them inside the room and that someone is watching them through a hole in the wall.

The premise for Miloš J. Kohout’s thriller Eye in the Wall (in some places it’s simply being referred to as The Eye) suggests a promising bit of entertainment but what’s really caught my attention is the cast. The film stars the great Karel Roden as Vincent and Catherine Flemming as Sophie and as if these two weren’t enough, Jürgen Prochnow also makes an appearance (hopefully as the mysterious man who locks them in the room).

I’m definitely on board for checking this one out. The teaser trailer and first stills suggests a spiffy looking thriller (complete with awesome mood music). Check out all the goods after the break!

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Looking promising

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