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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.28.09] movie trailer horror thriller

A trailer has emerged for Kim Bass' new horror/thriller, Junkyard Dog. This one falls under that rare category of 'films that actually look better than expected.' It's definitely got the grimy look and creep factor down, and is reminiscent of the Silence of the Lambs, so let's hope the story has something new in store for us too.

Inspired by actual events, JUNKYARD DOG is a gritty psychological thriller that delves the demented mind of a cannibalistic serial rapist who kidnaps his tenth victim in as many months on Halloween night.

JUNKYARD DOG tells the terror-filled tale of Audra Buckman, a nineteen year-old college co-ed, trapped in a month-long nightmare, struggling to stay alive and uneaten while being held captive, left half-starved and repeatedly savaged by JYD, an oddly charismatic, vicious man-eating monster. Audra's only hope of escape from this hell--and the mouth of a madman--is Samantha Deatherage, a tough FBI agent who is sent on a solo assignment to search for the missing girl.

Junkyard Dog stars Brad Dourif and Vivica J. Fox and was filmed on location in Tennessee.

Trailer (via: BD) after the break.

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