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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.27.09] movie trailer news horror fantasy

For the past few days, director Albert Pyun has been dropping us some rough footage from his upcoming Abelar: Tales of an Ancient Empire, a kind of pseudo-sequel to his 1982 cult hit, Sword and the Sorcerer. While the first clips (here & here) showed off the film's great cinematography and cast of misfit, would-be heroes, these two new one's show off another, slightly more epic and slightly more fantastic side to the film.

The first clip is a rough cut of the beginning of the "resurrection of Xia sequence." It's all temp sound at this point, but at least we get to hear more of the film's awesome, tribal score and see some sweeping camera work worthy of the fantasy genre. Pyun told me that all of the footage we're seeing is practical so no CGI just yet. It has also not been corrected for brightness or color so it might play a little dark on some screens.

The second clip finally gives us some brief action money, but more importantly some serious vampire erotica in action (move over Lesbian Vampire Killers!). Princess Tanis (Melissa Ordway) and her sister, Queen Ma'at (Jennifer Siebel-Newsom) are trying to escape a palace via some catacombs. But, as happens in these movie, some hot vampire sorceress' intercept them.

Watch both the clips after the break.

Visit for more details on the film.

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Lunovis (12 years ago) Reply

These trailer, especially the second, promise pure crap. "Get ze girl!"


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

I'm always up for a return to pure sword and sorcery cinema. Let's see a trailer already!

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