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anglebender [Celluloid 10.26.09] zombies trailer news video game

Release – August 23, 2009
Platform – Windows XP/Vista
Developer/Publisher – DiezelPower
Number of players – 1
Price – $10 on Steam

Painting the ground with viscera with a god's-eye view of the action has rarely been so satisfying.

Nation Red is one of the funnest and bloodiest games I have played in the past year. It has an extremely addicting gameplay dynamic that is elegantly simple: thousands of zombies of various speeds and sizes charge the player from 360 degrees. Power ups, weapons, ammo and health appear occasionally from kills. That's it. Really, do you need anything more than that from a video game? That and really good graphics. Nation Red has both in droves.

Top Down Arena-style Shooters have been around since dinosaurs. To kill anything that moves for power-ups and ammo is such a basic video game fundamental that it defined twitch gaming and helped make video games so popular. Many games have used this gameplay style over the decades (and eons) but very few have pushed PC graphics to the limit recently. Blood and gore effects usually tax graphic processors into choppy slideshows, especially when there's explosives with real-time physics simulation involved. With Nation Red, I was 60 FPS with 40-90 undead onscreen. Apparently there's a multiplayer co-operative upgrade in the works, so when that occurs, so will my full review of it. Until then, here's the link to the free demo.

And you can watch the game trailer after the break.

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