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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.23.09] movie trailer news scifi

That extend trailer for James Cameron's AVATAR, which was supposed to premiere online next week, has, surprise, surprise leaked. Everyone I spoke to was pretty much underwhelmed by the first teaser though, like many, I've had my fingers crossed that the film will be a much better 3D experience than it looks in 2D on a computer screen.

In a weird way, not being able to judge the visual quality of this new trailer because of how crappy it looks makes me like it quite a lot. Being forced to just sit and listening to the characters and learn more about the story is great and my hopes have been sufficiently raised. We get way more from Sigourny Weaver and Sam Worthington and way more info about the N'avi and the over-arching conflict.

Yes, this trailer borders on Spielberg territory with it's saccharine music and overall "be all you can be" vibe, but again, as a lover of all things epic space opera, I consider myself fully down and I can't wait to see this in full HD glory next week.

For those of you who are willing to spoil the main event and watch this thing, tell us what do you guys think?

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Killcrop (12 years ago) Reply

Gotta say..this is the first time I'm actually excited about this..sounds like epic sci-fi...welcome back James.


rcdude (12 years ago) Reply

Yay! My Name Is Lincoln, from The Island score. I love that song.


Anonymous (12 years ago) Reply

Link down! Blarg!


agentorange (12 years ago) Reply

We'll post it again when it hits legit on October 29th.


Lenman (12 years ago) Reply

You should really change the title of the article. It is mis-leading.


john (12 years ago) Reply

what is the name of the song on the intro to this trailer?

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