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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.23.09] Russia movie trailer horror fantasy

Earlier this week, the first trailer for Russian blockbuster Black Lightning dropped. Well, now we've got some more impressive footage from Dark World, a new dark, mystical fantasy director Anton Megerdicheva. Granted it's not quite the adrenaline rush that Black Lightning was, but at least it's not quite as family oriented as I expected it to be.

A group of students goes on an expedition to deaf northern villages. In one of the main character - a girl, mysticism and romance beyond the grave - is an ancient burial ground, and in it - a magical shield. Touching the board, it awakens the wrath of the spirits of the past and become superhuman abilities. Now students will have to enter into confrontation with the forces of evil.

Watch the teaser (via: after the break.

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Vlad (12 years ago) Reply

Proper title is Тёмный Мир. Director's name is Anton Megerdychev. And the poster is from other movie.

BTW this movie will be in 3D!

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