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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.21.09] Hungary movie news scifi horror fantasy

Currently in development at the amazing Laokoon Film Group - the production company behind two of the best films of the year, Pater Sparrow's 1 and the Ballardian techno-apocalypse drama Transmission - is another arthouse genre blender called The Necromancer.

The best way to introduce you to the The Necromancer is probably to describe as Nightwatch with ghosts instead of vampires - except that that would not be doing it justice at all. Involving a secret tribe of dimension watchers, Nazis experiments, ancient prophecies, a "chosen one," and an epic battle between good and evil, The Necromancer sounds complex indeed.

In 1944, Hitler’s occultist group, the Thule Society, issued a special order to its secret military unit. They were to locate and liquidate the older members of the 13th Tribe and remove their children to an isolated, special laboratory.

There, the children would be subjected to paranormal, occult experiments, the aim of which was to gain power over the "gateways;" they believed that the Awakening of a single child is enough to open the gates and to rule the world. The plan of the Thule Society failed and World War II ended with the fall of the Third Reich. Evil was stopped by the Chosen One, who was a child then, and whose Awakening restored balance.

In our story, father and son guard our world from the “other side.” They are also members of the lost tribe, who live covertly and unseen among us, conducting their activities. They are the Necromancers (or Guradians) who can see the world of the dead and the existence of the gateways. As a child, the
father met Evil in 1944. Now he is very old and he secretly knows that he doesn’t have much time left to live; he understands that soon he will have to step through one of those gateways that he has seen since his Awakening and that he has been guarding for many decades. His son is not yet in full possession of his own powers; before he can become a full-fledged Necromancer, he will someday have to face that which is unspeakably evil.

Attached to direct is Hungarian auteur Árpád Bogdán whose Happy New Life (Boldog új élet) won Special Mention at the 2007 Berlin International Film Festival. We've got the trailer for that film after the break so you can see just how aggressive his style is.

The Necromancer begins filming 2010 and is set for a release in 2011. It's tagged for a budget of around a 3 million dollar mark.

Stay tuned!

Gallery of concept art after the break.

Trailer for Árpád Bogdán's first film, Happy New Life (Boldog új élet):

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