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quietearth [Celluloid 10.20.09] post apocalyptic movie news horror vampires

That's right folks, we've been keeping an eye on Jim Mickle's (the director of the excellent Mulberry Street) Stake Land (teaser) for some time now, and a full synopsis has come out today explaining that it is definitely a post apocalyptic vampire flick which we're very excited about. Here's the rundown:

A young boy is about to learn how cruel the world can become. Martin was a normal teenager before the country collapsed in an empty pit of disaster, and a vampire epidemic swept across the nation's abandoned towns and cities. It's up to Mister, a death dealing, rogue vampire hunter, to get Martin to safety. Armed with a trunk full of wooden stakes and a desperate will to stay alive, Mister and Martin make their way through locked down towns, recruiting fellow travelers along the way. A devout nun (Kelly McGillis as "Sister") joins the small team of survivors. She faces a crisis of faith during the vampire bloodshed, ultimately taking up arms to do battle with her newly formed family unit.

Also, the creature feature Hypothermia (teaser) has some new details:

Imagine Jaws under the ice, imagine terror at 20 degrees below freezing... In a remote winter hideaway devoid of any sign of life, two unsuspecting families on an ice-fishing vacation discover something sinister lurking in the frozen lake. One thing is for certain - the creature is hungry and the only prey left is human. Hypothermia is a classic monster movie in the tradition of The Creature from the Black Lagoon.

Considering the talent at Glass Eye Pix, and the magic Larry Fessenden touch, we're very excited about both of these!

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