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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.14.09] movie apocalyptic news thriller gallery

So quietearth and I decided that the moratorium on all things Uwe Boll will be temporarily lifted due to two things. One, the raging Boll impressed us with his latest, Rampage (reviews here and here), and two, he's got an apocalypse thriller on the way called Final Storm (once called "The Storm"). So for now, he's on probation.

Extended Synopsis:
Biblical rain, dying animals and a blood red moon. Clearly, all is not well on the quiet farm in the countryside where Tom makes a living with his wife Gillian and their young son Graham.

Before the cable and power goes out, glimpses of weather related catastrophes on a global scale are hinted upon. Amidst these eerie signs, a soft spoken man named Silas stumbles onto their property, sick and cold. Even more disconcerting is how quiet Tom notices everything is... neighbors, cars, birds, crickets, all are nowhere to be seen nor heard.

According to Silas it's not so much as the beginning of the end, but in fact the end itself, and they've been left behind. As Tom goes about things in denial, believing that the flooding rains have simply evacuated the town, he shuts out those closest to him, allowing Silas, perhaps the only other man left alive, to grow closer to the emotionally starved Gillian and Graham. But the unsettling evidence cannot be ignored and Tom struggles with the horrifying truth: maybe it is the apocalypse. The rapture. The end of days. And they're all that is left of humanity.

As Silas slowly reveals his true colors with his murderous past, and lust for Gillian, the tension between the men builds until an explosive showdown occurs, with Tom defending his family, and fighting for their survival, and perhaps the survival of all mankind.

Final Storm stars Luke Perry, Lauren Holly, Steve Bacic and Cole Heppell. No word on release as yet as the film will be making an appearance at AFM.

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