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It's another awesome week for DVD releases gang. First up is Pieter Van Hees' Belgium thriller, Left Bank (review, amazon), and dark slow boiler that our own Hal McDermot said was "good at combining the familiar with the unsettling."

Then of course we have a couple of apocalyptic flicks, one classic and one soon-to-be. Richard Stanley's 1990 PA android shocker, Hardware (exclusive clip, amazon), gets an overdue royal treatment from Severin who have lovingly restored the film and stuffed it with extras. As soon as my copy arrives I'll be posting a review so stay tuned. The soon-to-be classic is of course Kyle Rankin's comic tinged bug-pocalypse romp, Infestation (review, amazon). This is one of those film that does so much with so little and has so much fun doing it that you'd feel like kind of a jerk for dissing its shortcomings. Don't let the bad DVD cover fool you into thinking it's a grindhouse flick or something. This one's got a heart as big as the bugs.

Another film that I feel is getting slightly underrated is Jonathan Liebesman's one room psych-thriller The Killing Room (review, amazon). While certainly not the best film of the year or anything it's well worth a tap on DVD so be sure to check it out.

Sam Raimi's return to horror, Drag Me to Hell (amazon), had all the fanboys raving but I'll admit to being a little underwhelmed. Allison Lohman is great but this is really a three scene movie of which two are actually worth your time (though the talking sheep was priceless).

Personally, I would consider Daniel Myrick's ambitious scifi/horror/thriller The Objective (review, amazon) to be something of a sleeper. It might be because I expected very little from the Afghanistan set military genre piece but I found I was quite engrossed by the middle and hooked until the end. Probably a renter for a lot of you, but see it nonetheless.

Another sleeper hit from 2009 is also out on DVD this week and it's called How to be a Serial Killer (review, amazon). Don't let the name fool you, it's apparently a super smart and multi-dimensional comedy horror.

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badfrog (12 years ago) Reply

I got my copy of Hardware today!

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