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Christopher Webster [Celluloid 10.12.09] movie trailer news horror

Starring the late great David Carradine in one of his last film roles as "Principle Hoskins", Dentention is a new haunted school indie from Children of the Corn III director, James Hickox and writers Stephen L. Johnston (The Hillside Strangler), John Stienfield and Michael Muscal.

A group of high school students are sent to detention for unexplained reasons.

There, the teenagers find themselves abandoned and locked in their classroom after their detention teacher leaves and then mysteriously disappears.

With night slowly approaching, a thunder storm builds outside. The heavy rain and lightening causes a massive power failure throwing the school in total darkness. Strange, haunting images of ghosts begin to appear in the school. The kids manage to break out of the classroom only to find that the the building has taken on a life of it's own, keeping them trapped inside.

The film also stars Thomas Calabro, Alexa Jago, Preston Jones, Maitland McConnell, Jonathan "Lil J" McDaniel and Michael Mitchel.

Running at almost four minutes I'm assuming the trailer after the break is more of a sales reel.

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Detention Fan (12 years ago) Reply

This looks like an an awesome movie!


G (12 years ago) Reply

Just found NEW trailer for DETENTION. OMG This was such a cool movie....saw it loved it & screamed & covered the eyes stuff ...all of those horror/thriller feelings!
Watch out guys! This is a creeper!

@ americanworldpictures com
look under DETENTION

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